Keynotes & Workshops

As a touring member of Banding People Together, Jim has impacted the way companies such as ESPN, SunTrust, NASA, Focus Brands and Microsoft understand collaboration as it relates to alignment, engagement and increased productivity.

Jim's story of personal transformation, combined with his ability to fine tune presentations in service of a client's needs make him the perfect choice for a wide range of industries and organizations. With over twenty years as a professional touring speaker / musician Jim is comfortable in front of audiences of all sizes and will often open or close talks with an original song.   If you are looking to motivate, inspire and increase morale for your group, Jim is available for keynote addresses, business conferences, workshops, fundraisers and more. 

"Jim Trick has been an annual speaker at the Berklee College of Music's Professional Development Seminar. He is a most powerful speaker. This is reinforced by looking at my student's faces while Jim is presenting his talk...which actually can be called a performance, in the best sense of the word.  It is rare and welcome to hear a speaker who actually walks the walk to back up what he is saying with real, practical, hard fought wisdom. Jim's is a transformative message. He is an inspiration not just because his tells his story, but relates his lessons to our real life which gives his listeners practical life changing inspiration."

Ralph Jaccodine
Berklee College of Music
President of Ralph Jaccodine Management