3 great things about becoming a failure

What would you do with your life if you knew failure was impossible?

The fear of failure and those negative stories we tell ourselves often keep us from living “That Life”.

In today’s post I hope to change the way we see failure.

No one sets out with failure as the goal.

Your career change

Attempts at weight loss

That seemingly crazy dream you’d love to see come true

These hopes and longings exist to improve our lives and the lives of others.

Many of us seem to be held back by the fact that they could end in complete failure.

Failure is not the worst thing that could happen?

It isn’t.

Failure is not even close to worst case scenario.

Not trying is soooooo much worse than failure.

If you have given up before you have started then the good news is you have already stared worse case scenario right in the face.

Now it’s time to rise from the ashes of paralyzing self doubt.

Use these three points as rocket fuel to move past that which holds you back.

1.  Failure can actually increase courage

The classic example is learning to ride a bike.

The first time you fell off your bike it hurt.

With that in mind and knowing that it could easily happen again you got back on.

You tasted the pain, embarrassment and the fear made real and you got back on.

That my friends, is courage and it never would have happened if you had not first fallen off.

2.  Failure makes success sweeter

With the training wheels off and pedaling with all your might you rode down the street.

Dad’s hand is no longer on the back of the seat.

You did it!

It wasn’t easy.

You failed but got back up.

You found your own brand of courage and grew it.

3. Failure inspires

Abraham Lincoln was one of the world’s most inspirational failures.

He failed as a businessman,

He failed as a farmer,

He failed in his first attempt to obtain political office.

When elected to the legislature he failed when he sought the office of speaker.

He failed in his first attempt to go to Congress.

He failed when he sought the appointment to the United States Land Office

He failed when he ran for the United States Senate.

He failed when friends sought for him the nomination for the vice-presidency in 1856.

He became one of the greatest presidents in U.S. history.

His success is magnified by the fact that he endured so much failure and never gave up.

Turn your fear into fuel.

Embrace the sheer adrenaline that comes from stepping out.

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