Does practice really make "perfect"?

Does Practice Really make "perfect"? I recently wrote a ThatLife post about perfectionism.

The outpouring of private messages surprised me.

Seems like there are a lot of us moving from the impossible heights of unattainable perfectionism into a deeper level of transparency, peace and balance.

Ah, balance...

That place between the guilt, ego and shame that keeps us toiling and yet never being satisfied and the other side where we just give up.

Where we say "I can't do anything perfectly, so I won't do anything."

Balance is beautiful.

Balance allows us to focus on important things before they become urgent.

Balance gives us space in which to practice.

The sweet thing practicing is that it implies imperfection.

But It also implies effort.

Practice makes makes a precedent we can be known by.

Practice makes us good.

Practice makes us better.

Practice makes us our best.