Truth: I Lie to Myself

This is our 2nd post from ThatLife contributor  Christine Clark.   Today she reflects on the topic of truth and how truth is applied to self.  

I ponder truth, and all that comes to mind is lies.

Lie to me. I do it all the time. I tell my lies when I’m future self. Future self lies every day. Future self will . . . write later, exercise tomorrow, eat healthier—next week.

Lie to me. I do it all the time. Nebulous future self is my biggest lie. Truth lies in my substance as a living being—a woman, mother, writer, gardener. My core truth resides in the now—with every breath, thought, movement, with very word, written or spoken.

The truth of my fleeting self is that I am here for a minute capsule of time—my present, so why would I ever lie to me?

The Great Until also puts powerful brakes on living my truth.

Lie to me. I do it all the time: “Until the dishes are done, floor mopped, mortgage paid (fill in the blank ____________). Until the Great Until, I continue to lie to me.

I lie to me. I do it all the time. It paralyzes me.

Will I lie to myself today? I must, we all must, find our truth in present self and banish The Great Until to the great beyond.


Christine Clark is a writer and speaker known for her work in grief, mourning, and healing. The loss of her seven-year-old daughter to cancer has fueled eighteen years of soul-searching, honest conversations about what it means to endure profound loss. Chris’s work enables others to lead a fulfilled, rich life that incorporates grief, mourning, and a return to love and life.  A skilled communicator, Christine uses disarming humor and transparency to relay a core message of heart wrenching sadness leading to transformative hope. Available for lectures, retreats and healing services Christine Clark adds impactful depth to any event where inspiration is the goal.  Chris has written guest blogs for and  For more information visit