Just Go...


Today's post is a guest entry from my dear friends Gabi and Skip Yetter.   Their story is inspirational and their new bookJust Go,  is a great read. 

We had a beautiful home. Lots of great friends. Good jobs and full and happy lives.But there was something missing which we didn't realize till we traveled to Southeast Asia.

Gentle spirituality. Embracing people. Inexpensive lifestyle. Something intangible that spoke to us and drew us in.

We returned to our beautiful home, lots of great friends and our full lives as different people.

A seed had been planted and we spent the next three years watering it until it grew into a flowering blossom

We sold our home.

We quit our jobs.

We bid farewell to loved ones and, in June 2010, boarded a plane to Cambodia with a one-way ticket, two suitcases and hearts filled with anticipation.

"You'll come back," some said.

We didn't.

Almost from the moment we arrived, we fell in love with the chaotic, heart-warming, extraordinary country which became our new home.

Working as English resource volunteers for non-governmental organizations, we discovered how to integrate ourselves in the Cambodian community.

We connected with tuktuk drivers who became dear friends and learned how to speak a Khmer.

Our friends were Australian, Dutch, Italian, French, British, American and Cambodian.

Our lives were fuller and more meaningful than ever.

Our new book, JUST GO! Leave the Treadmill for a World of Adventure is our story and the story of others like us who decided to make a change.

It tells of people who walked away from lives in the west and discovered new worlds.

Dismounting from life as homeowners with mortgages, credit card bills and car payments to start afresh, they (and we) packed their bags and launched themselves into a new adventure.

And never looked back.