Jim Trick has overcome morbid obesity, turned a freelance consultancy into a six-figure income and helped to build a million dollar small business, but Jim’s ultimate passion is working with people who want to personally and professionally live with greater freedom, fulfillment and success. Jim was trained by the prestigious Coach Training Institute and certified by the International Coach Federation. 

Along with his work as a coach / consultant, Jim is also a professional musician and speaker.  He has traveled all over the country teaching high-level executives the fine art of collaboration with Banding People Together, and is a frequent guest speaker at the Berklee College of Music.  Jim was featured alongside American Idol’s Alex Preston, by Berklee for a performance entitled “An Evening With New England’s top songwriters” and his latest album was fully crowd funded in under four weeks.

A life-changing trip to a Central American refugee village in 1993 prompted Jim to start two inner city food outreach programs in the U.S., one of which served the local homeless community by candlelight with classical music and table service.  

Jim Trick knows what it’s like to swim frantically across the alligator riddled Belize river and how it feels to share the stage with a young Katy Perry. One of those experiences was terrifying. The other one involved alligators

For information on coaching, consulting or to book Jim to speak at your next event please call 978.994.0431 or email thatlifenow@gmail.com