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How to lose a bunch of weight & make a bunch of money! Part 1


A schmear, by yiddish definition, is a little bit of something tasty applied to something big and tasty.  (a bagel with a schmear of cream cheese for example)

When you ask for a schmear of chopped liver on a pastrami sandwich at the 2nd Ave deli, they will translate that into about a quarter lb of some of the best stuff on earth on a sandwich the size of your head.

You won't lose weight, but you may die with a smile on your face.

I’ve digressed before I’ve even begun…

Ok, here we go...

Imagine if I called you on Thursday morning and left a voicemail saying “Meet me in New York City on Monday” and then offered no further information.

Driving to Manhattan and wandering the streets in the hope that we would just find each other?

You wouldn’t even get in the car for that prospect.

The unanswered questions regarding time, location,  and the reason for the meeting, really matter.

The absence of information not only creates a vacuum but feels pretty frustrating.

If I want to meet you in New York, I promise to get specific.

See where I’m going?

Oh the things you want to accomplish, acquire and change…

Oh the frustration of longing, wishing and hoping…

I get it…


The first step to getting what you want is about getting specific.

Telling yourself that you want to lose a “bunch” of weight is likesaying “meet me in New York on Saturday”.

How many lbs do you want to lose in the next two weeks?

How many dollars do you want to be earning weekly in the next six months?

Why do you want to lose the weight?

What do you want the money for????

What will it be like if you don’t reach your goal?

What food must you eliminate to reach your goal and is it really worth it to you?

What one thing could you do in the next hour to get you closer to what you want?

Determining the details of what you actually want, why you want in and when, is a great place to start.

What do Michael Jordan and Mother Theresa have in common?   They both used coaching as a way to be the best at what they were compelled to accomplish.

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The wisdom to know the difference


Soooo…. This might be a rant about ranting.

Didn’t want you to think I was unaware.



Amnesty International founder, Peter Benenson, once said“It is better to light a candle than to curse the darkness”.

In an average week do we spend more time ranting or more time having an actual impact?

Do we spend more time creating or more time judging the creations of others?

Do we spend more time doing that thingwe deeply love and sharing it with the world, or do we tend to spend our precious, limited hours numbing and distracting ourselves?

Bernie and Donald…

Tom Brady…

The Grammy Awards / the current state of music…

Do I quack, quack, quack, like a duck, waddling down the street or am I one who speaks life?

Now, admittedly, I have more hang-ups than the coatroom at the Taj and no one loves a good “quack” more than I do.

That being said, as I write to you, I’m at the Dandee Doughnut shop in Marblehead MA.  I LOVE doughnuts and from time to time I actually eat one.   When I do, I thoroughly enjoy it.

Today I had an egg white omelet with a side of fresh fruit.  There was, as you know, a time when I lived a life of doughnuts.  It was around the same time that I lived a life of quacking.

Quacks and snacks have their place.   My rant today is about whether or not your quacking about things, over which you have no meaningful influence, has replaced the actual action you could be taking to improve the lives of those around you.

You have strong opinions about the presidential race, but when was the last time you served your local community in a powerful and creative way?

You love the Patriots, but when was the last time you threw the ball around with a kid?

You watch the Grammy Awards and shake your head in disgust, but when was the last time you created a song, poem or piece of art?

In a recent interview, marketing expert Seth Godin was asked about who comes to mind when he thinks about the word “successful”.  His answers ranged from his parents because they loved well and were well loved to the people in his neighborhood who are fortunate enough to get to shovel snow for an elderly couple.

As for me, I value impact over commentary, action over thought and values over feelings.

I value changing the things I can and most of the time, if I’m honest with myself, have the wisdom to know the difference.

You know what to do but you ...


How many times have you said or thought

“I know what to do, but I don’t do it”

Without going too far with the following notion, I do believe we program ourselves with our words.

It seems to me that the more we say things like that, the more likely we are to manifest them.

We know we impact the people in our lives with our words but what about the things we say to ourselves or about ourselves?

Most of the time we don’t even notice we are doing it.

Self talk has a profound impact on our lives.

In the name of intentional transformation, I’d like to offer a replacement for the previous phrase.

From now on we are eliminating “I know what to do, but I don’t do it” with:

“I do, what I know will work”

In your profession…

“I do, what I know will work”

In your relationships…

“I do, what I know will work”

In your passionate pursuit…

“I do, what I know will work”

If this phrase is connectingright now, know that it also works as a question.

“Will this work?”

Sometimes just that pause, that extra couple of seconds is all it takes to not repeat choices that have clearly not worked in the past.

Take this as a little tip.

Hope you get big results!

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